Thursday, October 7, 2010

Conference Update

Hafa adai todus,

Please join us for I Mina' Kuattro na Konferensian Chamorro. *PLEASE PASS

There's a group of people who worked hard to organize and coordinate I Mina
Kuattro Na Konferensian Chamorro. This project has no budget but a lot of
committed and passionate people desiring to bring everyone together to
develop a vision and action plans for the advancement of Chamorros.

It is our hope that we can *come celebrate our collective progress and find
common ground, as we work to address current and future challenges as a
community and chart our course .
*Our Mission:
*To advance and promote the sustainable cultural, economic, and
community development of Chamorros based in our indigenous cultural values;
to educate our people; and to promote research and capacity building of
community-based organizations that will contribute to the well-being of the
Mariana Islands and its people.
*Our Vision:
*To engage and sustain a self-determined Chamorro community that is
grounded in cultural knowledge and values and is directed towards the
advancement and well-being of our people and the future of the Mariana
*Our Working Philosophy*:

*That we come together to share and unite our people and lands as
one entity while respecting our differences; that we find ways to resolve
conflicts, heal our minds, bodies, and spirits in order to preserve, protect
and promote the people of the Marianas, the Chamorros."
It is our hope to get the word around and invite you all to this important
Konferensia. We ask for your support. If you are unable to make it, we
appreciate your support in prayers and donations to provide scholarships to
some of our participants from the CNMI and Guahan. We greatly appreciate
your help.

*I Mina` Kuattro Na Konferensian Chamorro
4th Annual Chamorro Conference
Hotel Nikko Guam
October 12-14, 2010
**Tungo` i Hinanao-ta yan Fanachu nu i Lina`lå`ta!
**Please Join us!
* * **When?
*Tuesday, October 12, 2010 8:00 am-Thursday, October 14, 2010 2:00 pm
*Where? *Hotel Nikko Guam
*Registration Fee:
*$60.00 for FullTime Students, Teachers and Senior Citizens
$100.00 for Others
Professional Development Fee: 2 Credits from UOG: Additional $60.00
*For **more information call 637-6906/
*email: **

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Conference Program

I Mina Kuatttro na Konferensian Chamorro -
"Tungo I Hinanao-ta yan Franchu nu I Lina'lå-ta!
(Charting our Journey and Standing up for our indigenous Livelihood) October 12-14, 2010

Inagang - Ma guaifi I Kulo'
The Gathering : Outside Pavilion/Latte at the Nikko
Spiritual Celebration
Lighting of the Fire
Remembrance and honor to those who have gone before us.
Ginen I Man mo'fo'na
Process into the Conference Room symbolic of a journey
Lighted candles from the Fire into the Conference Room
Flags of Guam and CNMI
Mornings: Pledge/Anthems La'lai
Welcoming in the spirit of Inafamaolek, a celebration of the work by invidividuals, groups,
Housekeeping: Guidelines/Ground Rules

Outline of the Konferensia for Day 1 and 2
Opening each day with Prayer/Spiritual Chant and Housekeeping

Format of the Konferensia
Plenary sessions will lead off each morning and afternoon.
Four Plenary Sessions for Day1 and Day 2

Proposed Plenary Topics:
October 12, AM Plenary Spirituality/Health
October 12, PM Plenary National Identity/History
October 13, AM Plenary Conflict resolution
October 13, PM Plenary Political Status/Indigenous Rights

Breakout Sessions (each participant will select one track to attend throughout the Konferensia)
and develop a Vision, Goals and strategies for the coming year.
with immediate, short and long range action plans.
The Tracks are as follows:
I. Education
II. Sustainability:
Sub-track: Health/Spirituality
Sub-track: Environment
Sub-track: Economics
III Language/Culture
IV. Youth Mentorship/Leadership
Establishment of the Council - proposed members to formalize structure/representation/officers

Each group will present their track's
Goals - Immediate, Short term, Long Term
Strategies to achieve these goals

Closing Ceremonies

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Conference Registration Forms Available Now

Download the registration forms for the Mina'Kuattro na Konfrensia Chamorro right here by clicking on the links below:

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