Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Conference Program

I Mina Kuatttro na Konferensian Chamorro -
"Tungo I Hinanao-ta yan Franchu nu I Lina'lå-ta!
(Charting our Journey and Standing up for our indigenous Livelihood) October 12-14, 2010

Inagang - Ma guaifi I Kulo'
The Gathering : Outside Pavilion/Latte at the Nikko
Spiritual Celebration
Lighting of the Fire
Remembrance and honor to those who have gone before us.
Ginen I Man mo'fo'na
Process into the Conference Room symbolic of a journey
Lighted candles from the Fire into the Conference Room
Flags of Guam and CNMI
Mornings: Pledge/Anthems La'lai
Welcoming in the spirit of Inafamaolek, a celebration of the work by invidividuals, groups,
Housekeeping: Guidelines/Ground Rules

Outline of the Konferensia for Day 1 and 2
Opening each day with Prayer/Spiritual Chant and Housekeeping

Format of the Konferensia
Plenary sessions will lead off each morning and afternoon.
Four Plenary Sessions for Day1 and Day 2

Proposed Plenary Topics:
October 12, AM Plenary Spirituality/Health
October 12, PM Plenary National Identity/History
October 13, AM Plenary Conflict resolution
October 13, PM Plenary Political Status/Indigenous Rights

Breakout Sessions (each participant will select one track to attend throughout the Konferensia)
and develop a Vision, Goals and strategies for the coming year.
with immediate, short and long range action plans.
The Tracks are as follows:
I. Education
II. Sustainability:
Sub-track: Health/Spirituality
Sub-track: Environment
Sub-track: Economics
III Language/Culture
IV. Youth Mentorship/Leadership
Establishment of the Council - proposed members to formalize structure/representation/officers

Each group will present their track's
Goals - Immediate, Short term, Long Term
Strategies to achieve these goals

Closing Ceremonies

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